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Full warranty

MIZAR HEALTH offers a full warranty on all its units, without exceptions, and this includes a comprehensive service / recalibration every year, as well as all repairs needed as a result of normal use of the unit.

The majority of the Technical Support staff of MIZAR HEALTH, S.L. work at our facilities in Júndiz de Vitoria Industrial Estate and the entire stock of spare parts and consumables is also found here. The aforementioned team is made up of:

  • 1 person who provides a primary 24-hour telephone service.
  • 1 technical manager / quality manager.
  • 1 systems engineer.
  • 2 mechanics.
  • 3 electronics technicians.

We have sales representatives in Spain and abroad who are at the disposal of our customers to make a first diagnosis of any incident that may occur with our units.

Preventative maintenance inspections are conducted yearly at a time previously agreed with the managers of each medical centre so as not to disrupt the proper use or functioning of the unit in clinics and hospitals under any circumstances. These are estimated to last 3-4 hours and consist of:


  • Adjustment of voltages and kV in the generator.
  • Adjustment and centring of the collimator.
  • Adjustment of the detector.
  • Adjustment of the image quality.


  • Service of cables and connectors.
  • Service of the C-arm power cable.
  • Service of the keyboard.
  • Service of the monitor stand cables.
  • Service of the supply cable.
  • Adjustment of the image intensifier / digital detector.
  • Service of the labelling.
  • Mechanical maintenance: C-arm brake, shock absorbers, wheels, articulated arms, pedal.
  • Cleansing and copying of the database.


  • Verification and scanning of disks.
  • Inspection of static cabling.
  • Verification of battery charge.
  • Verification of joint and brake movements.

X-ray diagnosis check

  • Parameters of the generator (voltage of the tube, output, filtration).
  • Geometric parameters and image quality (geometric distortion, area treated with radiation, spatial resolution).
  • Patient dose (maximum patient dose rate, estimated dose area product).
  • Automatic intensity check (intensities of entrance dose).

Updating of the original version of the software


Mizar Health ongoing training programme

Once our units have been installed and it has been verified that they work properly, we will then carry out training aimed at anyone deemed suitable by the relevant medical centre, including:

  • Medical service (surgeons and other medical staff).
  • Surgery staff.
  • Radiology / Radio-physics department.
  • Electromedicine department.
  • Maintenance department.

The place, date and time of training sessions are adapted to meet the needs of each medical centre and they generally cover the following content:

Description of the device

  • General information.
  • Terms and definitions.
  • Parts of the unit.
  • Technical specifications.


  • Positioning of the system.
  • Positioning of the C-arm.
  • Placement of sterile covers.
  • User management.
  • Power-on sequence.
  • Power-off sequence.
  • Obtaining of X-ray images.
  • Description of user interface: functionalities.

Exposure to X-rays

Modes of emission

  • Automatic mode (AERC).
  • Manual mode.

  • Danger of radiation and protection.
  • Best practices for using the unit.
  • Useful life.


  • Replacement of fuses.
  • Transportation and storage.
  • Cleaning of the unit.
  • Requirements according to location and use of the unit.
  • Removal of the unit.
  • Unit failures.
  • Yearly calibration.
  • Connection of console.
  • Changing wireless pedal for standard pedal.

As the only manufacturer of fluoroscopes in Europe to also offer an after-sales service and technical assistance directly, MIZAR HEALTH provides its customers with an ongoing training programme which covers:

  • The availability of its technical and sales staff at all times to resolve any queries that may arise in relation to the use and functionalities of the unit throughout its useful life.
  • The possibility to arrange specific training days (in person or online) together with medical centres throughout the useful life of the unit, which are aimed at either reinforcing user knowledge or training anyone who may have recently joined the medical centre.
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